Cuba’s Car Culture: Celebrating the Island’s Automotive Love Affair

Auto-Cubas Car Culture Celebrating the Islands Automotive Love Affair——————————————-
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Welcome to Cuba’s automotive time capsule, filled with classic cars.

The story of how Cuba came to be trapped in automotive time is a fascinating one. For decades, the island country had enjoyed healthy tourism trade and American outpost status, and by the 1950s it had the highest per capita automotive purchasing of any Latin American country – its middle class ensured an interesting variety of vehicles plying the roads. But when Cuba fell to communist rebels in 1959, so ended the inflow of new cars. Since then, trade embargo forced Cuba’s car enthusiasts to develop a unique and insular culture, one marked by great creativity, such as:

Keeping a car alive with no opportunity to acquire replacement parts

Customizing a car with no access to aftermarket parts

Drag racing with no drag strip

In many ways, Cuba is an automotive time warp, where the newest car is a 1959 Chevy or perhaps one of the Soviet Ladas. Cuba’s Car Culture offers an inside look at a unique car culture, populated with cars that have been cut off from the world so long that they’ve morphed into something else in the spirit of automotive survival.

Authors Tom Cotter and Bill Warner (founder of the Amelia Island Concours) take readers of Cuba’s Car Culture on a whirlwind tour of all things automotive, beginning with Cuba’s pre-Castro car and racing history and bringing us up to today’s lost collector cars, street racing, and the challenges of keeping decades-old cars on the road. The book is illustrated throughout with rare historical photos as well as contemporary photos of Cuba’s current car scene. For anyone who enjoys classic cars, from old Chevy Bel-Airs to Studebakers to Ford Fairlanes, a cruise around Cuba will make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

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Ways to Avoid Auto Accidents

Getting into an accident can be a devastating experience. Losing a loved one or getting extremely injured could leave a family wounded financially and emotionally. To help protect yourself from this, it is best to be insured and most importantly — a safe driver. Some of the top ways you can avoid getting into an accident are simple to do and remember.

Never Drink and Drive

This is basic common sense, but there are still plenty of drivers out there who still drink and drive. Too many people are too afraid to let go of their egos and admit that they are too tipsy to be operating a vehicle. Then there are those who really don’t know their limit and when it’s not best to drive. No matter what the situation is, it’s a good idea that individuals not drive while intoxicated. Lots of people believe that being a veteran drinker means they can handle the liquor or beer better, but this has proven to be untrue time and time again.

Keep Distractions to a Minimal

Moms, teenagers and many other people on the road are constantly being distracted by cell phones, texting, kids screaming in the back and loud music. It’s important that you try to maintain what’s going on in your vehicle to ensure that you have as much focus on the road as possible. If you really feel like you need to see what’s going on in the back seat, consider investing in a camera that has a screen that is placed on the rear view mirror; this mini-investment could end up saving you thousands of dollars on an accident caused by taking your eyes off the road. Those who have a newborn child, consider having someone drive around with you who can cater to the baby’s needs. If anything, pull over the car before turning your attention to the backseat for whatever reason.

Cell phones have been causing auto accidents left and right — some even being fatal. With the Bluetooth technology that is available, you can talk on the phones hand free, which will allow you to keep both hands on the wheel at all times. There’s no solution for text messaging except to stop doing it while driving. It can wait until you get out of the car or stop at a gas station. There are also voice-activated devices that you can install in your vehicle that will allow you to speak the numbers you’d like to call or integrate your phonebook and dial by name. If you have this device in your car, check to see if there is a voice-activated feature that will allow you to answer and hang up calls. Most Bluetooth headsets have a button on the side that allows you to pick up and hang up your cell phone.

Don’t Promote Aggressive Driving

Being an aggressive driver doesn’t get you far and if anything you’ll find yourself in a nasty auto accident. If another driver on the road does something that ticks you off, just let it go. You don’t want to try to get back at the motorist who cut you off or try to speed up to scold someone that did an illegal move on the road. Let the cops do their jobs, just stay safe and try to avoid foolish drivers. Don’t allow yourself to lose your temper.

Maintain Your Car

It’s true what they say, take care of your car and it will take care of you. Keeping your vehicle properly maintained will allow you to ensure that everything is working properly. This means doing regular tune-ups and oil changes. Take your car to a neighborhood mechanic that you trust and can afford. You should also make sure to have your tires rotated and checked to make sure that they you don’t need to buy new ones. The better you maintain your vehicle, the less you have to worry about it breaking down or failing you later on. Not doing so could even cause you to get into an accident.

Be a Defensive Driver

You can’t trust every motorist on the road and that’s why you should take extra precautions to ensure that you and those riding in the car with you remain safe. For instance, if you’re riding through an intersection, you should drive cautiously to look out for red light and stop sign runners. Also, check to make sure that all of your mirrors have been adjusted accurately, so that you can see what’s behind and on either side of your vehicle. You don’t want to side swipe someone or have a rear-end collision.

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Automotive Training Center Reviews & Guide


Besides, you can get ready for the certification exams needed to take care of substances involved with automotive, residential, and industrial air-conditioning systems. Industry certification is usually required when the person has been employed. Any sort of training makes certain that the individual is extremely well versed in the topic, is confident to manage any circumstance and to take the optimal/optimally decision for the company which he or she work for. In addition, you’ll get hands-on training in the business software for business managers.

While each campus may seem different, all of them are bound by means of an aim to observe people achieve more than that which they could hope for themselves. Some community colleges provide specializations tailored to certain brands of automobiles. Again, most students, no matter age, will be eligible for a student loan. Students in Michigan have several options to select from in regards to pursuing an official education in automotive technology. If there’s no school close to your region, you may want to look at enrolling to internet courses offered also by TESDA. No matter your industry, regardless of what the subject, contact us to discover how the SGS Academy can assist you. Such institute can be private and government institutes.

Be certain to request information from more than 1 school as a way to compare which program is ideal for you. The program was made to create the management opportunities you’re searching for. This application will interest students with good math and computer abilities. In addition, there are part-time and full-time programs readily available, so that you may pick the class load that is right for you. Dent Wizard provides a great training plan.

The worldwide exchange programme provides undergraduate students the chance to study abroad at a partner university for either 1 semester or a whole academic year as a portion of their degree. The program is intended to make management opportunities. Through, you may apply for as many as five programs with at the most three at any 1 college in Ontario.

Our site uses cookies. It’s simple to connect with them and find the information that you demand. You would acquire firsthand info about these. There are a number of more examples and every job demands good wellbeing. Quite a few overseas customers also have participated. The middle line only runs length ways, since the body is simply symmetrical in 1 direction. There was a significant cut in training cost on account of the user-friendly interface of internet applications.

Want to Know More About Automotive Training Center?

Arming you with a true advantage as you start your career, a placement provides you with impressive knowledge in prestigious aerospace businesses and associated institutions, in both the UK and overseas. Your career is going to be given full support that will help you successfully finish the Program. As a result you’ll be in a position to learn about what’s going on during the job. Career opportunities are anticipated to show steady growth during the next several decades. You’re also able to benefit from our electronic on-line teaching resources. It is possible to accept just one offer. It’s a demand for virtually every industry as several parts will probably be produced.


The service customer must pay for this procedure. Any business is likely to have risk, but it is necessary to get a complete comprehension of the quantity of investment, startup cost and ROI” (Return on Investment). The company is situated in Memphis, Tennessee. Therefore, you can find a lot of businesses that take medical physical fitness exams for selecting the correct employees. Service industries are costly, and cellular services especially must charge a particular amount to earn money. Automotive technology proceeds to advance rapidly. Technology and using the web has changed how my company is marketed.

Becoming an automobile mechanic in Canada has some requirements you may not be conscious of. Service technicians must know about engine components and systems and know the method by which they interact with one another. Our highly experienced Automotive specialists will supply you with the maximum standard of superior training in your selected vocation and will make certain you are equipped with the critical wisdom and skills. Several of the experts have now begun to provide training to the students who want to learn this training course. It comprises the wisdom and skills needed to work safely in and about the car’s hybrid system. It is possible to develop a very clear knowledge of the full selling process at the dealership level. Other disciplines could be considered.

Nissan executives were trying to find a way out, a means to rescue the organization from entering into bankruptcy. An unaffiliated scholarship committee will subsequently interview each finalist and determine the last scholarship recipients. It is no longer restricted to creating a yearly report for those businesses yearly. Only an expert analysis will say how high those levels are.


If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read This Report on Automotive Ac Repair

Many times each cleaning is sufficient, but sometimes you will need to receive your air ducts replaced to correct all your issues. A comprehensive cleaning can result in you saving lots of money in the long-run. 6 Shooter car Repair is your trusted car shop in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Whether you are in need of a quick repair or new air-conditioning system, we’ll diagnose your air-conditioning wants and have you cool and back on the street very quickly. Yet car air-conditioning repair in San Diego can be pricy based on the place you go. As a way to hunt for these sorts of restoration shops, simply enter the name of the city you reside in together with the hunt term cheap automobile air-conditioning restoration.

Technicians have to be re-certified every 5 years to make certain that they keep on top of the newest technologies. Our car technicians work their very best to receive your car back up and running whenever possible at an excellent price. Our friendly expert car technicians are here in order to fix all your car repair requirements.

Our Master Certified ASE technicians utilize the newest equipment to do scheduled maintenance and diagnose potential difficulties. If you’re searching for ASE Certified technicians that will provide you with the care and personal service you have earned, you’ve arrive at the appropriate place. Our Hurst air-conditioning repair technicians can be found short notice for virtually any ac problems you may have.

The Basics of Automotive Ac Repair

If there’s excessive build up, you might have a refrigerant leak. Evaporator leaks lead to a musty odor in the vehicle together with a drop in AC cooling. An automobile ac leak is possibly the most frequent problem found whenever your car AC process isn’tblowing cold air. It’s these exact smaller leaks that are liable for large quantities auto AC repair comebacks.

Very excellent techs can easily produce up to 20 hours of work within a day. Reseda Automotive is pleased to provide a large selection of the most frequently requested car maintenance and car repair services. Anything your vehicle requirements, we can do! Whether you drive a vehicle, van, truck, or SUV, we’ve got the experience and expertise to repair or change out your AC unit. It will result in a more comfortable drive, each time you make it in your auto.

AC units experience a wide variety of distinct problems, you are going to want someone knowledgeable to aid you. The expansion device demands replacement during any other key repair that the AC process is open to the environment. The system doesn’t get the job done as nicely with air within it. If a new system is necessary, we’ll supply you with several options to select from. Don’t forget that It’s a lot simpler to diagnose and fix AC systems with the fundamental understanding of how they work. To discover refrigerant leaks employing the fluorescent tracer system, you first must install the fluorescent dye in the AC system. In Texas, your air-conditioning system will be constantly working in the summertime and a number of other times throughout the year.

Well, it might be various unique reasons and some are quick and common approaches to repair your air conditioner. You always thought about how to charge an automobile air conditioner. There is absolutely no reason to be afraid whenever your vehicles air conditioning should be repaired. During the colder months, make sure that warm air can be found in your car or truck during those family holiday trips.

The AC compressor demands regular service to guarantee maximum daily life. A heat exchanger can be found at the front of your car, typically facing the radiator, and is called an air conditioning Condenser. Another heat exchanger is on the inside of your car’s interior, and is called an ac Evaporator. To comprehend how car ac refrigerant is utilized to cool the inside of the vehicle the consequences of pressure and temperature needs to be understood first. Freon leaking is among the most frequent issues that will create the ac to blow warm.

The Foolproof Automotive Ac Repair Strategy

Our clients refer us because we’re trustworthy, accountable, and most significantly, We Care! All our services have a guarantee. It’s possible to trust us to offer you affordable service that you could rely on. In addition, our services are affordable so that you don’t need to be worried about blowing your financial plan. Should itn’t, Clear Lake automobile Service may provide help.

You may also learn how to ask questions about DIY car restoration. If you need one on one help by means of your automobile ac problem you can see the webpage for auto repair help. Get in touch with a certified and certified HVAC technician to help to make your house comfortable and help you save money. It may be showing signs that your attic insulation needs to be replaced. All homeowners wish to reduce their heating and cooling bill. It’s problematic for homeowners to determine whether they need to clean or replace their air ducts. The best method to figure out this is to look at your vehicle’s owners manual, or you could seek advice from your repair manual.

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